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Philosophy and Investing Strategy

There are a handful of great investment managers that we don’t have access to, so let’s use their philosophies and provide this service to a wider investor community! Many of these managers are inaccessible, either not accepting new investors while the ones who are require very large minimum investments. What remains are a mishmash of subpar investment products marketed to the masses. These products are part of a large sales machine and are conceived to gather assets on a massive scale. Interests are misaligned, investors are rarely treated well, and fees are usually hidden in fine print or nondescript terms. We are attempting to mimic the great investment managers that are doing right by their clients while offering these services to common investors.

Concentrated Value: We rely on fundamental analysis to determine intrinsic value and then buy shares in companies for less with a margin of safety. We look for undervalued companies to invest in common stock and, when deemed appropriate, options or warrants.

Special Situations: We seek to invest in opportunities where there is change taking place. Special situations are commonly identified as mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcy proceedings or companies spinning off divisions.
Conviction: We observe that a limited number of high quality investment ideas produce better long-term performance than a large number of marginal investment ideas and we therefore strive to manage concentrated portfolios of between 20 and 30 holdings.
Time Horizon: Most common stock investments are held with a time horizon of two to five years. Special situation investments are shorter term in nature and usually held for less than one year.
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